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COVID-19 Relief Fund


COVID-19 is a viral pandemic with millions of confirmed cases in the United States. Experts anticipate 100,000 or more individuals could be hospitalized in the US in 2020. High-risk individuals are avoiding the healthcare system to avoid medical costs associated with treatment. This fund will provide financial aid for COVID-19 related expenses to reduce the financial burden on members of the community.

Cost of COVID-19 Screening and Treatment?

State and Federal Governments have passed a bill to wave copays for COVID-19 tests for everyone. You will be responsible for all additional care associated with your hospital visit. Your bill for testing and treatment will be highly variable based on your state, insurance, and hospital system. Refer to this recent article regarding insurance coverage for COVID-19.


As people reach out for support, we are in need of more financial support to meet needs. Any contribution is very much appreciated as people we know come to be affected by the virus. Together we can support their medical care and reduce the spread of COVID-19. Select the COVID-19 Screening & Treatment Relief Fund on donation.

Certified Nonprofit Management

All funds collected will be managed and distributed by AFFORDABLE , a software development nonprofit with the primary mission of reducing barriers to healthcare access. AFFORDABLE is a 501c(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible. Funds will be allocated through our software built in collaborations with The Ohio State University, Ohio University, University of Maryland, and Gettysburg College.

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Share support to your community by becoming a sponsor. All donations greater than $25.00 will be listed below. Furthermore, all sponsors will be promoted on social media for their contribution.

Access Financial Resources for COVID-19

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Leading experts believe that screening and proactive intervention in high risk groups can save lives. With large demographics fearing medical bills, there is incentive to avoid medical intervention. We want to reward proactive communication with the healthcare system by financially supporting the associated costs of treatment.

COVID-19 Screening & Treatment Criteria

COVID-19 testing kits are widely available and screening criteria has become broad. The CDC has listed recommendations for screening of COVID-19 infection. Understand your risk of infection and severe disease and seek appropriate medical attention.

Take Appropriate Action

(August 8th) Best evidence suggests the following action for COVID-19 testing:

Under age 65 with mild flu symptoms: Do not go directly to the hospital or emergency room. Contact your local medical center about access to a quick testing center available in many states. Medical professionals will provide a management & quarentine plan based on your symptoms.

Older than 65 with mild flu symptoms: Do not hesitate to call your hospital system and explain your symptoms. They will advise a plan to admit you to the hospital if appropriate.

Anyone with severe flu symptoms (high fever [>100.5], cough, difficulty breathing): Seek immediate medical attention at your local emergency room. Call ahead if possible so they can prepare for your arrival.

Request Financial Aid

Use the quick apply links or end an email to to request funds. We have two programs available for COVID. Learn more

The Treatment Financial Aid program is dedicated to individuals who have been infected with COVID-19 and want financial support for their medical treatment. If you have tested positive with COVID-19 and have been billed by your medical provider (deductible, copay, no insurance), please reach out to us as there are still funds available. Quick Apply

The COVID Health Utilizing Grant (HUG) are small funds ranging from $10.00-100.00 for those impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. This program is designed to support health needs and will be distributed preferentially to people using these funds for healthcare necessities (e.g. medication, therapy, social services, nutritional support, etc.) We will also help fundraise on your behalf if requested. Quick Apply

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Please repost links to this page to raise awareness of available support and increase resources dedicated to addressing the COVID-19 public health crisis.


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  • Ariana Marean,
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  • Kyle Chan,
  • Anuhya Pulapaka,
  • Ken Brannon,
  • Steven C. Hortopan,
  • John McKeon,
  • Jim Purtilo,
  • Takako Nishimura,
  • Chelsea Schrak,
  • Adrienne Beck,
  • Ann Lowery Black,
  • Patrick Pleter,
  • Kim Briscoe,

The following institutions have contributed to the COVID-19 Treatment Relief Fund

  • Affordable Healthcare Access Inc.
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  • The Pollination Project
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  • OSU Women in Medicine
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